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Important: Read this Before Deciding on LASIK

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for laser eye surgery. Review this list before you decide: Are You A Good Candidate for LASIK? Does your job allow LASIK eye surgery? If you’re not sure, it pays to check. Do you have an autoimmune disease? A major illness? A chronic condition… read more»

Guide to King LASIK – Part One

Are you ready to see more clearly? With LASIK eye surgery by King LASIK, you can. We offer personalized care to make you feel maximally comfortable during your LASIK eye correction procedure. As LASIK specialists, we’re devoted to providing you with the best care from world-class surgeons wielding the… read more»

Guide to King LASIK – Part Two

What is LASIK? LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) eye surgery is the most popular procedure for correcting vision problems caused by refractive error, in which the eyes fail to focus light correctly. LASIK eye surgery treats nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, dramatically reducing and often eliminating the need for glasses and contact… read more»

What Can You Do While You Recover From Lasik Eye Surgery?

Once you’ve had your Lasik eye surgery, you’ll probably want to resume your normal activities almost immediately, but be cautious! While Lasik isn’t surgery, you should still follow this rough timeline before you jump back into your normal activities. A few minutes after LASIK: Have someone else drive you home…. read more»

King5 Video on Veteran’s Day in the United States

Watch this touching King5 report  about how King LASIK performed 21 complimentary laser eye surgeries on active and retired U.S. veterans in honor of Veteran’s Day. One highlight of the video is hearing retired single mother Patricia Dooley talk about how she would previously never be able to afford LASIK without… read more»

Keratoconus Treatment
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With our 0% down, 0% interest financing, LASIK is affordable and available to all of our laser eye surgery patients. With our everyday prices, we can offer you our quality technology, experience, and service.

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