Introducing our new Fort McMurray location!

King LASIK is proud to announce our new Fort McMurray LASIK location. After helping thousands of people in Alberta see clearly since the late 90s, Dr. King and the King LASIK team have acquired Alta Vision Plus so we can serve you better than ever! We know that Fort McMurray is full of hardworking men and women just like you, and we’re excited to help you maintain your active and successful lifestyle!

LASIK is a cutting-edge procedure, necessitating the perfect combination of experience and skill on the part of laser vision correction surgeons everywhere. Fortunately, as head surgeon Dr. King has performed over 85,000 LASIK procedures over the past 2 decades. With a firmly established reputation and an eye for excellence, our doctors have given 20/20 vision to everyone from stay at home mothers to pilots and professional athletes.

Fort McMurray LASIK Surgery

King LASIK makes the most of every piece of advanced technology at our disposal at our Fort McMurray LASIK clinic. This includes devices like the Wavefront analyzer, which creates a 3-D map of the cornea — showing even the minutest imperfections. This map is used to calibrate the excimer laser, which in turn gently reshapes the outer layer of the cornea (the clear outer part of the eye). King LASIK utilizes the advanced VISX Star S4 excimer laser platform, which provides extremely precise laser treatments.

King LASIK’s surgical equipment also includes the advanced IntraLase femtosecond laser. This device is used to create the corneal flap (a small slit in the outermost layer of the cornea). IntraLase’s key benefit is that it eliminates the need to use a mechanical handheld device when creating the corneal flap; therefore, the risk of flap-reduced complications is significantly reduced.

Customized Results

As a former LASIK patient, Dr. King knows what it’s like to feel nervous about the surgery. That’s why we take the time to alleviate your anxiety by fully explaining each and every step of the process and reviewing possible complications and the steps taken to reduce these risks. One of the essential tenets of our philosophy involves customized procedures. A thorough series of exams are conducted before the surgery, leading to fully personalized treatment plans.Via the use of the sophisticated and individualized iLASIK procedure, our doctors are able to provide the greatest amount of accuracy and results possible with modern technology.

Contact our King LASIK Fort McMurray Offices

To begin your journey toward clear eyesight and independence from glasses, schedule a personal consultation with our Fort McMurray LASIK doctors today! Contact our offices by calling (877) 551-2020.

9401 Franklin Ave. #200
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3Z7 Canada
(587) 275-3937

Toll Free: (877) 551-2020

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