VISX S4 Laser System

For the safest laser eye surgery possible, why not take advantage of a system that combines the most advanced technologies in the industry? CustomVue™ Technology is a marriage of two innovative technologies: the Wavefront Diagnostic System and the VISX® STAR S4 Laser System. Using the Wavefront Diagnostic System your King LASIK surgeon will map each of your eyes to obtain a prescription as individual to you as a fingerprint. Your King LASIK surgeon then will use the advanced VISX® STAR S4 Laser System to correct your vision precisely to that prescription. The CustomVue™ combination of Wavefront technology and the VISX® STAR S4 Laser System allows your LASIK surgeon to locate and correct the unique anomalies of each eye for maximum vision improvement.

King LASIK offers the CustomVue™ LASIK vision correction technology for customers at our many locations throughout the United States and Canada. Using the CustomVue™ system, our LASIK surgeons offer you individualized treatment custom tailored specifically to your vision correction needs.

Our exceptionally safe and accurate CustomVue™ treatment provides lasting correction that exceeds anything possible with glasses or contacts. FDA clinical studies of the CustomVue™ vision correction system found that one year after CustomVue™ treatment 98% of the participants could see 20/20 or better. One hundred percent of the participants could see 20/40 or better, and four times as many participants reported improved night vision over glasses or contacts. Indeed, King LASIK’s CustomVue treatment is just one example of how our surgeons provide the safest, most superior laser eye surgery available.

VISX® Star S4 Laser System

One of the most advanced laser systems, the VISX® Star S4 offers Active Trak™ and Smart Beam™ technology for three dimensional eye tracking and variable-sized laser beams during your LASIK procedure. These unique features provide fast, safe, and precise treatment while minimizing corneal tissue removal and reducing the likelihood of night vision problems. Additionally, because the VISX® S4 removes the least amount of corneal tissue, this laser system can effectively be used for vision correction patients who were not previously considered candidates for LASIK surgery due to thin corneas, without compromising the safety of the patient.

Advanced CustomVue LASIK using the VISX Star 4 with Iris Registration
Iris Registration is a new advanced feature of the VISX Star4 laser that further enhances the wavefront guided results of a custom treatment. Iris Registration with the VISX Star4-IR allows proper alignment of a wavefront guided treatment by automatically compensating for any rotation of the eye, comparing to the eye’s rotational position at the moment the preoperative wavefront measurements were taken to its position at the time of treatment. The unique features on each person’s iris are analyzed and the wavefront treatment is properly aligned prior to application of the excimer laser ablation. Without iris registration, the precision of a wavefront guided treatment might not be maximized if the eye were to rotate when the patient’s body position changes from the preoperative upright position to the supine position at the treatment. Automatic compensation for movement of the pupil centre under varying illumination, known as pupil centroid shift enhances the outcomes.

The VISX® Laser System provides accurate vision correction results for our Vancouver, Alberta, Victoria and Calgary patients. In addition to LASIK, the team of surgeons at King LASIK are high experienced cataract surgery specialists

With our convenient locations, finding an experienced King LASIK surgeon in your area is simple and convenient. To schedule a personal laser vision correction consultation, please contact King LASIK eye centres today.

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