Five-Year Financing

At King LASIK, we know that there are numerous benefits associated with no longer needing to wear glasses or contact lenses. That’s why our goal is to ensure that laser vision correction is accessible to all.


Discover our flexible payment options, and fit clear vision into your monthly budget by extending your instalments over a 60-month period—a seasonal treat worth celebrating!


To learn more about our five-year financing* and other available payment plans, contact King LASIK at 1-855-308-3937 or speak to one of our staff members during your pre-operative evaluation.


*Applicable to surgery on both eyes only. Subject to Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec approval. All annual interest rates indicated are subject to change. The “Equal Monthly Payments” offer allows the customer to use a credit card issued by the Federation (“the Card”) to pay for purchases through equal and consecutive monthly instalments. The annual interest rate of not more than 19.9% set at the time of purchase applies to such purchases. Equal monthly payments are included in the minimum payment due on the credit card. If the minimum payment due is not paid in full by the due date, the annual interest rate of not more than 19.9% on the card applies to the unpaid equal monthly instalment. There is a 21-day, interest-free grace period on the card from the date the monthly statement is mailed or from the date it is made available in electronic format to settle the account without paying additional credit charges, except on cash advances and cheques. Minimum card payment is 5% of the total of: the balance shown on the account statement for the previous period; credit charges on purchases and monthly instalments that have not been paid on the due date for the current period; regular purchases, cash advances and cheques during the statement period and credit charges on cash advances and cheques. To which are added: monthly instalment(s) for the statement period, deferred payment purchases due on the statement date, past due amounts, and any other amount set out in the credit card contract. Membership/renewal fees may apply depending on the card requested or used for the purchase. See details in clinic.