Selecting a LASIK Surgeon – King LASIK

Choosing a surgeon is one of the most important steps to ensuring you receive the best possible treatment throughout your laser vision correction procedure. At King LASIK, each surgeon combines unparalleled experience with the most advanced technology and safety techniques to maximize your results.

It is important that your doctor be willing to openly and honestly answer any questions you may have regarding complication rates, pre-operative testing procedures, surgical equipment, and other aspects of LASIK surgery.



  • Has the surgeon performed at least 5,000 treatments?
  • Has the surgeon been in practice at least 3 years?



  • What is the surgeon’s complication rate?
  • What percentage of patients seeking LASIK surgery are turned away?



  • Does the eye centre utilize FDA-approved lasers?
  • Does the eye centre use advanced diagnostic tools to customize your treatment?

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