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Top 10 Reasons to Choose King LASIK

Top 10 Reasons to Choose King LASIK


Experience: Dr. King is one of the most experienced laser vision correction surgeons in Western Canada and the co-founder of King LASIK.

Technology: King LASIK uses the latest and most advanced equipment for laser vision correction.

Safety: Along with experience comes safety. While LASIK is a very safe procedure, it is well documented that in the hands of more experienced surgeons, the procedure is even safer with lower complication rates. In addition, the use of state-of-the-art equipment further enhances safety.

Minimal Office Wait Times: For your convenience.

Personalized Care: 24-hour access to the clinic emergency cell phone! If you have any concerns, the King LASIK team is ready to help you and is just a phone call away.

Affordable: We offer the latest technology for a very affordable price. As a convenience, our patients who travel may visit any of our offices at no additional cost for their pre- and post-op care.

Caring Staff: Our top source of new patients is our former patients. This is for a reason. We care for everyone that passes through our doors and are dedicated to delivering the best patient experience possible.

Knowledgeable And Well-Trained Staff: Many of our professional and business staff have spent more than ten years working in laser vision correction. They are well trained to attend to your needs and questions.

Flexible Financing: Our financing options include payment plans that make LASIK affordable for nearly everyone. Please visit our financing page to learn more.

Patient Satisfaction: We constantly strive to improve. Our patient satisfaction surveys show us that we deliver, and we take every suggestion seriously in order to continue to do better.

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