Custom LASIK technology

King LASIK’s is committed to offering the safest laser vision correction available, and this starts by using the most state-of-the-art systems in the industry.

Custom LASIK brings together two innovative technologies. First, the Wavefront Diagnostic System allows your King LASIK surgeon to map each eye for a prescription as unique to you as a fingerprint. Then, the surgeon will use an advanced laser system to correct your vision in a manner that is precise to that prescription. Custom LASIK means your individual anomalies found in your eyes can be located and corrected for maximum improvement to your vision.

This exceptionally safe and accurate Custom LASIK treatment provides lasting correction that exceeds what is possible with glasses or contacts. Recent U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical studies found that, one year after treatment, 98% of the participants achieved 20/20 vision or better, 100% of the participants were able to see 20/40 or better and four times as many reported improved night vision compared with glasses or contacts. King LASIK’s Custom LASIK treatment is just one example of how our surgeons provide the safest and most superior laser eye surgery available today.

Alcon WaveLight® Allegretto

We promise our patients to use only the best technology, and one such example of this is the Alcon WaveLight® Allegretto Ex500. This laser is the first to perform Wavefront-guided treatments. Such technology is unrivalled in the field: Wavefront lasers are used to measure the specificities of the patient’s individual refractive error. These particulars can’t be detected with the use of traditional scans which means this upgraded technology allows for a more customized and successful treatment. In using this laser, a number of instruments at play help deliver a perfect treatment to the patient, including:

  • A 400 Hz eye tracker. This special tool is extremely precise, so much so that it can follow the eye’s movement within a six to eight-millisecond timeframe.
  • This device’s beam is only 0.68 mm in diameter and boasts a Gaussian profile, the result makes for a smooth ablation process.
  • The fastest laser system on the market today, this device’s laser applies 200 individual pulses per second. This rapidity can help to prevent side effects from arising.
  • Optical zones range from 1.5 mm to 8 mm, which gives the King LASIK surgeon ample room to perform the treatment. This range also makes for improved night vision.

Such unprecedented technology means that the laser can allow for a larger treatment zone, thereby resulting in a more natural corneal shape. Use of the Alcon WaveLight® Allegretto leads to a higher quality of vision, particularly under low luminance conditions and reduces or eliminates glare and halos when driving at night.

Custom LASIK is available at our Edmonton clinic. To schedule a personal laser vision correction consultation, please contact King LASIK today.

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