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Farsightedness / Hyperopia – King LASIK

If you suffer from hyperopia (also called farsightedness, a difficulty in focusing on nearer objects), please read on to learn about the condition and the way in which laser eye surgery may be able to enhance your vision.


Hyperopia is a common form of compromised vision that affects approximately one in four people.


Hyperopia does not affect a person’s ability to see objects at a distance, however it causes nearby objects to appear to appear blurry or hazy. The condition can bring about headaches, eyestrain, and frequent squinting. If you suffer from farsightedness, you likely have trouble seeing the print in newspapers and magazines and may experience difficulty following from one line to the next when reading.


Hyperopia occurs in an eye that is too short from front to back, whose cornea is flatter than normal, or whose natural lens is located too far behind the cornea. In each of these cases, the eye produces blurry vision by focusing images at a point behind the retina, rather than on it (see How the Eye Works). Another disorder, presbyopia also causes difficulty in viewing nearby objects, however the reasons for this are different, for example, presbyopia commonly occurs in patients aged 40 and over—as it is the result of the eye losing elasticity with age.


Glasses and contact lenses may be used to correct visual abnormalities associated with hyperopia. However, due to the inconvenience of having to wear and maintain corrective eyewear, many people choose to undergo laser eye surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery For Hyperopia

At King LASIK, we pride ourselves on serving our Edmonton LASIK patients with laser eye surgery of the highest quality. Hyperopia correction through laser eye surgery involves the use of an excimer laser to alter the cornea’s shape and adjust the refractive power of the eye. By increasing the curvature of the cornea, the eye is better able to focus images on the retina, thereby minimizing farsightedness. Hyperopia can also be corrected by the PRK procedure.

Choosing laser eye surgery with King LASIK means that your procedure will be performed using one of the most advanced laser vision correction platforms. The safety and satisfaction of our LASIK patients is our top priority, which is why we use only state-of-the-art laser technologies. If you would like to learn more about how LASIK vision correction could enhance your vision, please contact our King LASIK centre.

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