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Custom LASIK: Our Most Advanced Technology for Your Unique Visual Needs

Advances in technology and techniques have enabled our surgeons to provide an advanced type of vision correction known as Custom LASIK.

While conventional LASIK offers significant improvements in vision and can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses, patients who undergo custom LASIK are one step closer toward obtaining the goal of near-perfect vision.

If the surface of the eye were completely smooth, standard LASIK measurements would yield the best possible result; however, that is not the case. The surface of each eye is unique, containing minute topographic variations that affect vision in very subtle ways. Standard measurements do not detect these variations.

At King LASIK we offer the advantages of Custom LASIK, which is based on Wavefront measurement techniques. These measurements detect the specific topography of each individual eye and help our doctors guide the laser to create a smoother eye surface.

Custom LASIK greatly improves the chance that LASIK surgery will:

  • Produce vision of 20/20 or better
  • Improve low-contrast and night vision
  • Decrease night glare and haloes

By offering Custom LASIK, Dr. Joseph King has helped numerous patients eliminate their need for prescription vision correction.

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