During Laser Eye Surgery

You can expect to feel nervous, anxious or excited prior to your procedure. This is a completely natural, normal response.

Step 1 – You will begin by meeting with our patient counselor, who will process your payment and answer any final questions you may have. You will be given your post-operative care kit and instructions on aftercare. Next, you will be shown to our relaxation room.

Step 2 – You will have a chance to meet with our surgeon to address any final questions you may have. You will then be offered a mild sedative to help you relax during the procedure.

Step 3 – You are brought to the surgical suite by our technician who will prepare you for your procedure.

Eye drops are then used to numb your eyes.

The procedure itself takes between 5-10 minutes per eye, during which the laser only needs to perform for seconds based on your treatment.

Most patients are able to resume activities the very next day.

For further information on how LASIK works, don’t hesitate to contact KING LASIK today! We are happy to educate our patients about the laser eye surgery techniques used at our eye care centres.


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