LASIK Surgery Process

LASIK surgery offers many patients the opportunity to dramatically reduce or even eliminate their need for glasses or contact lenses by correcting refractive areas directly on the eye. The laser vision correction experts at King LASIK can determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure by performing a FREE pre-LASIK exam.

Before arriving to your pre-LASIK exam, please be sure to read the following:

A dilation of the pupils will be performed. Because of this, eyes may be sensitive to light. Please bring a pair of sunglasses with you to the appointment. If you do not have a pair available, we can provide you with temporary shields. Dilation may also result in blurred vision, particularly for near work, for 4 – 6 hours afterwards.

Your appointment will be a full comprehensive examination to determine your candidacy for LASIK. Be sure to set aside approximately one to two hours for your free pre-LASIK exam.

Please bring your glasses or contacts to your examination in order to provide your prescription history.

Because prescription contacts reshape your cornea to correct your vision, we need your cornea to return to its natural shape before your LASIK procedure. Please see below to determine the length of time you will need to be without your contacts.

Removal of contact lenses prior to the pre-operative evaluation and LASIK or PRK surgery appointments*


Local Patient

Out-of-Town Patient

Soft Lenses  
(daily wear, extended and toric)

At least 24 hours*

At least 24 hours*

Rigid Gas Permeables  
(worn for less than 20 years)

At least four (4) weeks

At least six (6) weeks

Rigid Gas Permeables  
(worn for 20-30 years)

At least four (4) weeks

At least eight (8) weeks

Rigid Gas Permeables  
(worn for more than 30 years)

At least four (4) weeks

At least 12 weeks

Hard Lenses  
(toric and true/ Polymethyl methacrylate)

At least four (4) weeks

At least 12 weeks

*Do not sleep with contact lenses on for (one) 1 week before the pre-operative evaluation.

If you are unable to be out of your contacts before your pre-LASIK exam, we can still determine your candidacy for the laser vision correction procedure. Once you are deemed a candidate, we can help prepare you for the procedure.

Because your eyes will be dilated, we recommend that you arrange transportation.

Step 1: You will arrive at King LASIK and be greeted by our receptionist who will ask you to fill-out a patient information sheet. This sheet asks questions pertaining to your health, to medications that you may be taking, and to other useful information that will help us create a more specific profile of you.

Step 2: An ophthalmic technician will perform a series of painless diagnostic tests on state-of-the-art equipment not commonly available in standard eye exams. The results of these diagnostic tests will determine your candidacy for LASIK and options for technology.

Step 3: An optometrist will review the results and perform a thorough eye exam to prescribe to you the best treatment for your eyes. We will explain the procedure, the risks and expected benefits of LASIK. Our optometrist will go over alternatives, if any, and the particular conditions that might affect your decision to undergo the procedure.

Step 4: You will then meet with our patient counselor who will customize a care plan for you. They will cover all financial options available to you and design a payment plan that fits your lifestyle. Next, they will discuss post-LASIK care and schedule your follow-up appointment. A list of acceptable payment methods will be provided; no personal checks.

King LASIK’s dedicated staff is here to help you through the decision making process. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the best care for your eyes.

The success of your laser vision correction procedure depends on several factors including the expertise of our doctors and staff and the sophistication of technology. At King LASIK, our primary objective is to provide you with ultimate affordability, industry leadership and patient satisfaction. That is why we ask you to follow these important steps before your LASIK procedure.

Before arriving to your LASIK procedure, please be sure to read the following:

  • Please remain out of your contacts for the length of time provided by our Optometrist at your pre-LASIK exam.
  • There are no restrictions on eating, drinking, or medications on the day of your procedure. Instead, you are encouraged to eat prior to your procedure. However, please notify us of any medication you are taking.
  • All traces of make-up should be removed. We ask that you abstain from wearing perfume, cologne, or after-shave, as it can interfere with the laser.
  • Please arrange for transportation. You should allow approximately two to four hours for the entire process.

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